Transporeon Summit 2023

Everwest Group dalyvavo „Transporeon Summit 2023“

In pursuit of ambitious goals, Everwest Group participated in the Transporeon Summit 2023. This conference brings together all participants in cargo management and movement, and representatives of the world’s largest brands such as Tizen Group, IKEA, Ford, Barilla Group, Nestle and others give presentations. Often, the representatives of these brands are decision-makers, with whom the representatives of our European department gained useful knowledge, got acquainted with market trends and established close relationships.

Martynas Kerpauskis, head of Everwest’s European department, shared that participating in the Transporeon Summit 2023 was a fully beneficial experience. The conference provided invaluable networking opportunities – to establish relations with the main deal makers of the logistics industry. These beneficial contacts have opened the door to potential partnerships, collaborations and insights that will complement our growth strategy. Attending the summit also broadened our understanding of the evolving logistics market. We have gained a deep understanding of the ongoing changes, technologies and best practices in the logistics business, so we are ready to keep pace with new market trends and make informed strategic decisions. Transporeon Summit 2023 is a place full of opportunities where ambitious business development goals can be realized. During the conference, Everwest’s European development team had productive discussions with representatives of various companies, which resulted in promising leads and cooperation opportunities that drive our development. 

Martynas_Kerpauskis_Transporeon Summit
Martynas Kerpauskis, Head of Everwest's European department

Colleagues share that the main purpose of the participation was to increase awareness of Everwest in the market. “We stand out as direct carriers, offering our customers a simplified and efficient transportation experience,” says M. Kerpauskis. One of our distinguishing features is our large, young fleet of trucks, which demonstrates our commitment to reliability and innovation. With this impressive fleet, we can transport a wide range of products, from essential goods such as food and medicine to more delicate goods such as fresh flowers or building materials. This versatility makes us the ideal partner for a wide range of partners logistics needs. Our company is poised to become a valuable ally in the supply chain journey, offering an excellent combination of experience, flexibility and modern infrastructure to efficiently meet customers expectations. 

For Everwest, as a company, the experience at the summit was invaluable. Participation increased the company’s awareness, deepened the specialists’ knowledge of the changing logistics sector and opened up promising business opportunities. Driving growth and profitability, making informed business decisions, maintaining competitiveness and improving quality are part of our daily routine. As such gatherings of market giants often become a key event in the journey to even greater success, we are happy to announce that we have been invited to participate in the next year’s Transporeon Summit 2024. 

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