Everwest delivered fantastic results in 2022, as proven by their customers’ feedback

The annual NPS was 53, with a CSAT of 89%, and an RR of 11%. The BU exceeded all of its targets and the AK department reached and exceeded its personal NPS target by 1: the target was 63, and the achieved NPS was 64. Furthermore, we Closed the loop 100% on time. One of the reasons why we were able to achieve accurate and positive results was the cleaning up of the database before sending the survey.

Still, the personal RR target was missed by 1%, and some contacts in AXAPTA/DealCRM are inaccurate. As contacts change, this is an area that must be actively monitored.

“Everwest has achieved better NPS results comparing to 2021 annual survey”

Main achievements:

  • More than twice reduced Detractors amount.
  • Strengthened relationship with clients.


Other highlights include the before mentioned brilliant results, which exceeded targets, as an individual approach to every contact, creating long-lasting partnerships, resulting in an end-year very positive NPS. That approach was only strengthened by individual work from all section and group managers, who worked independently, analysing the data and results to better understand customers’ needs. And even if customers had remarks regarding our performance, the NPS result showcased that we put in effort to improve their experience, which is why they felt that their feedback was considered throughout the year.

Stronger price argumentation is also a pain point for us, as there are transportation delay issues and billing-related problems. The inconsistent service and truck availability were also highlighted by customers as areas to improve, in addition to warehouse-related issues.

“Entering Everwest in 2023, I know that the unit has been built on very strong foundations that have lasted for a long time. The challenge going forward will be to ensure that we remain a fully customer-focused organization and that we address any minor problems our customers might have throughout the year, while still delivering on our promises,” commented Pavel Kveten, the CEO of Everwest. Pavel highlighted that the company has had great practices that resulted in a very positive NPS. “Those practices will continue as we look to ensure our commitment to our customers’ experience,” Pavel added.

Naturally, we improved in every area compared to 2021. A particular aspect was smooth and fast communication, which was rated at 9.3 out of 10 by its customers. Yet attention will have to be directed to market-level pricing, which is equally rated to competitors, again highlighting the importance of price argumentation in 2023.

Further targets for the next year will be involving every colleague in improving our CX and clearing up the contact database to have the right data. Correct data will serve as the first step in ensuring a positive end-year result. The last goal will be to respond to each individual comment provided by customers so that they do not feel that their needs are not being responded to, as it is one of the core principles of a customer-centric approach.

Everwest focus areas for 2023:

Increasing level of problem sloving skills.

Deliver what is promised.

We will periodically and consistently conduct surveys in order to obtain detailed feedback from customers and increase the customer satisfaction and quality of services provided. This year, we will also include warehouse colleagues in the process, for whom we believe this will help improve service processes and the number of happy customers.

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