Chinese representatives met with Everwest Group

Chinese representatives met with one of the largest Lithuanian logistics company

Representatives of the Chargé d’affaires of the People’s Republic of China visited Everwest Group, one of the largest logistics companies in Lithuania. The purpose of this visit is to strengthen mutual relations and the possibility of wider cooperation in the field of transportation between the European Union and China.

A five-person delegation led by Chancellor Mr. Zhai Yanping came to learn more about Everwest Group and its opportunities to develop international cooperation, to mediate in establishing contacts in the field of freight transportation in one of the largest economies of the world.

“It is very important for us to get to know the country where we want to operate. We therefore wish to learn more about this nation’s culture, specifics, and current affairs. We are searching for new partners and aim to build solid relationships at the same time. This is the second largest market in the world, so it is very interesting for us,” said Chief Business Development Officer at Everwest Group.

“We strongly believe, that by developing our business relations we can develop better relations between our countries as well,” said Chancellor of the Chargé d’affaires of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Zhai Yanping.

Currently, road freight transportation from China to the European Union is becoming extremely relevant. In the past, this method of transporting goods was twice as fast as transporting goods by ship, but at the same time, it was twice as expensive. With the outbreak of war between Israel and the Hamas group, major shipping companies started to avoid the Red Sea due to extremely unsafe conditions. The Yemeni rebels started attacking the cargo ships. As a result, the sea route became much longer – it goes around the whole African continent.

Over the past two weeks, more than five cargo ships have been attacked by missiles and drones. Although no people were hurt and no ships sank, there was damage and major shipping companies diverted most of the ships around the entire African continent, a route almost twice as long.

As a result, if earlier ships from China and other Asian countries reached European ports in an average of two weeks, now they take more than three weeks on the way. As a result, their transportation costs almost doubled. And most importantly, in terms of price, it is practically equal to the transportation of cargo by road, but the cargo is delivered twice as fast.

Everwest Group has been working in the Chinese market for more than half a year and sees great potential for development in this area. Currently, the company transports more than five hundred cargoes from Europe to China and vice versa per month. However, the aim is to significantly increase the flow of goods. That is why a meeting was held with Chinese officials working in Lithuania.

Everwest Group is a leading logistics company operating in Europe, CIS countries and China. One of the largest transport companies in Lithuania. It manages a fleet of more than 2,000 trucks and over 2,500 semi-trailers. Almost 6,000 employees work at Everwest Group.

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