Another step towards customer-oriented services. Everwest starts providing new intermodal transportation services on the Kaunas-Duisburg-Kaunas route

The visit of a business delegation from five Central Asian nations — Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan — was organized by USAID in conjunction with the Kazakhstan transporters’ union KAZLOGISTICS and the TRACECAR SL organization, together with the Lithuanian confederation of Industrialists, the Lithuanian National Association of Motor Carriers LINAVA, and other partners. Delegation members include more than 70 participants from the private and public sectors. And we took advantage of the opportunity to interact with business leaders, build relationships, and learn about general transport trends between Lithuania and Central Asia, as well as potential opportunities and today’s challenges.

Our Vilnius office was also one of the mission checkpoints. We enjoyed welcoming visitors and discussing potential areas of collaboration. A breakthrough in state-level cooperation between countries is expected, according to Pavel Kveten, CEO of Everwest, which will also have a beneficial effect on economic ties in the future.

„As the leading logistics company operating in Europe, Central Asia, and China, we at Everwest are very excited about such events that strengthen international business links. The potential for commerce and collaborative business between the countries of Europe and Central Asia is higher than ever. We are only beginning to explore the various possibilities. We believe that this event will help strengthen our cooperation and take commercial ties between our regions to a new level“, – says Pavel Kveten.

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