Another step towards customer-oriented services. Everwest starts providing new intermodal transportation services on the Kaunas-Duisburg-Kaunas route

Everwest Kaunas Duisburg

The visit of a business delegation from five Central Asian nations — Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan — was organized by USAID in conjunction with the Kazakhstan transporters’ union KAZLOGISTICS and the TRACECAR SL organization, together with the Lithuanian cenfederation of Industrialists, the Lithuanian National Association of Motor Carriers LINAVA, and other partners.

Everwest delivered fantastic results in 2022, as proven by their customers’ feedback

The annual NPS was 53, with a CSAT of 89%, and an RR of 11%. The BU exceeded all of its targets and the AK department reached and exceeded its personal NPS target by 1: the target was 63, and the achieved NPS was 64. Furthermore, we Closed the loop 100% on time. One of the reasons why we were able to achieve accurate and positive results was the cleaning up of the database before sending the survey.